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How to add social links in e-mail messages?
How to add social links in e-mail messages?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The Social Links content block allows you to add icons of social media platforms to your e‑mail messages. You can use them to redirect subscribers to your social media profiles or enable them to share your communication on their social networks.

To add a Social Links content block to your e-mail campaign:

1. Go to the main Campaigns tab and open the e-mail to which you want to add social icons by clicking on it.

2. Drag and drop the Social Links content block into your e-mail campaign.

3. After releasing the cursor, a modal window called Social Link Builder will appear, where you can:

  • Add URLs to the selected social media icons

If there is a social media network in the list that you do not want to use, you can switch it to OFF. To change the order of social media networks in this block, click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) for the network you want to move and drag it to the desired position.

  • You can also choose whether you want the links to lead to URLs of your choice, or allow your recipients to share your communication in their own social networks.

Customizing the appearance of social media icons

You can customize the display of social media icons in your e-mail by adjusting the style and theme of the buttons. To do so:

1. Click on the Customize tab in the Social Link Builder module.

2. In the Button Style section, in the first column, you can choose whether the icons should be displayed as Flat or 3D.

In the second column, choose whether the icons should be displayed as solid or just as outlines. If you previously selected the 3D option, this column will not appear.

Next, choose whether the buttons should be colorful, dark, or light.

Customizing the theme of social icons

Customizing the theme of social icons refers to the shape of the icons themselves. You can choose between square, circular, or hexagonal shapes. To choose a theme:

1. In the Theme section, click on the category of the shape you want to use. A green checkmark will appear in the top right corner of the selected category. In the Preview section, you will also see a preview of how the buttons will look in your e-mail message.

2. After creating and customizing the appearance of social icons, click on Save to save your changes.

Your personalized social icons will be added to the messages of your e-mail campaign.

Editing social links

After adding the Social Links content block to your e-mail campaign, you can make changes before sending the e-mail to your contacts. To do so:

1. Click on the Social Links content block in your e-mail campaign project.

2. A modal toolbar will appear, where you can:

  • edit the social icons you want to use – click on the first button on the modal toolbar to open the Social Link Builder window,

  • change the display orientation of the icons (vertical or horizontal),

  • change the alignment of the icons relative to the entire project (right, center, or left).

3. In the side menu, you can also change the size of the icons (Size) and the spacing between them (Spacing), as well as adjust the layout of the entire block (e.g. margins and padding).

Reporting results from clicks on social icons

If your recipients share the content of your e-mail on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, we will display this information in the Reports tab in your CDXP account. To view this information, click on your campaign and then select Social from the left-hand menu.

There, we will show you the total number of shares and mentions. You will also be able to see which contacts shared your campaign and on which social networks.

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