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What is snap to grid and how to use it in e‑mails?
What is snap to grid and how to use it in e‑mails?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Snap to grid is a feature of the Classic Designer that automatically aligns content blocks in default spacing when these blocks are modified.

Below we present the operation of the snap to grid in practice.


Notice how the blocks resize in increments of 25px as indicated by the red markings. The snap to grid causes the block to automatically snap to increments of 25px when being modified.

The snap to grid is automatically enabled in all e-mail messages designed using the Classic Designer. You can disable this feature at any time if you want more freedom in building your project. To disable the snap to grid, uncheck the Snap to grid option located on the top toolbar in the general settings for the e-mail project.

After disabling the Snap to grid feature, content blocks will no longer be adjusted in increments of 25 pixels:


Notice that the content block no longer automatically snaps to increments of 25 pixels when being modified, and the spacing between blocks is now more fluid. These are subtle details, but they can be important as we aim to give you full control over your e-mail communication projects :)

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