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How to use predictive content in e-mails?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
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Predictive content helps you send the right messages to the right contacts, increasing your click rate. All you need to do is add a Predictive Content block to your message and type in some text variations. After sending the e-mail, each contact will receive the version they are most likely to engage with the most.


  • Predictive content is available in Standard and Automated campaigns. You cannot use them in Auto Responder, Split Testing, RSS Triggered or Date Based campaigns.

  • The predictive content option is available in the Classic Designer. It is not available in the HTML or the text-only message editor.

  • An e-mail can contain only one Predictive Content block.

  • For Predictive Content to work, link tracking must be enabled in your e-mail settings.

  • Predictive content supports text only. They do not support images and CTA buttons.

  • After sending a message, you can't see which variant of the content a particular contact received.

How does predictive content work?

Predictive content is a block of content available in the Classic Designer. When you drag a Predictive Content block into an e-mail, the system will ask you to create up to five content variations using different words and lengths. Although in no case is it mandatory to include a link and a CTA, it is worth doing so to engage the recipient as much as possible in interacting with your communication.

You can use the Predictive Insights toolbar to create each text variant. It contains suggestions for the length and readability of the content you provide in the block. Its suggestions are based on data from previous e-mails where link tracking was enabled.

After sending the e-mail, the system will select and display the variant in which the individual contact is most likely to engage. This means that Contact A will see one version of the e-mail and Contact B will see another. After sending your campaign, you can see how each variant fared using the report.

With predictive content, each contact gets the best version of the e-mail for them. What is best for one contact is not necessarily best for another.

How does QuarticOn know which variant to display?

We analyze all e-mails sent by our customers and how contacts engage with the communication they receive. We rely mainly on clicks on links and CTA buttons. Using this data, we are able to determine which e-mail variant should be displayed for each of your contacts.

If the contact is new, we will assign a random variant to it. This will help us gather information about them so we can better predict what type of e-mails they will interact with in the future.

How to add a Predictive Content block to an e-mail project?

1. In the Classic Designer, click on the Predictive Content block and drag it to the e-mail project.

2. Click on the content block and enter the first version of the content in the appropriate place (Variant 1). The entered text will be saved automatically.

3. Click on the tab that says Variant 2 and enter the second version of the content in the appropriate place.

4. To add additional variants, click the Add a Variant button.

5. Once you've created all the content variants, you can continue editing your e-mail design using the other available content blocks. When finished, click Save and exit to return to the campaign later, or click Next to view the campaign summary page.

Each of your recipients will be shown the variant they are most likely to engage in.

Naming variants

You can name each variant you create. To do this:

1. Click on the predictive content block in the e-mail.

2. Click the gear icon for the variant you want to rename, then click Rename Variant.

3. Enter the name of the variant in the appropriate field, then click Save to save the changes.

How to use the Predictive Insights toolbar?

The Predictive Insights bar provides guidance on each variant you create. It includes suggestions for the length of the text in each variant, its degree of readability, and the number of variants worth using. Suggestions are matched to the selected contact list to which you want to send the campaign based on data from previous campaigns.

To launch the Predictive Insights toolbar, click the circle icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

On the left side of the editor, a menu will expand with hints that you can use to create variants.

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