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How to create and send an e-mail campaign?
How to create and send an e-mail campaign?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

On the CDXP platform from QuarticOn, you can create and send e-mail campaigns to your contacts. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

Reminder #1

Remember that in order to create a campaign, you must first have a ready-made contact list to which you want to send a message. Please refer to the article How to create a contact list in the CDXP panel? to learn more.

Reminder #2

To send an e-mail message to a contact, they must have an e-mail address entered.

To begin creating a campaign:

1. Go to the Campaigns tab from the left-hand menu.

2. Click the Create a campaign button in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Fill in the name of your campaign (this is a name visible only to you, not the subject line of the message) and select the type of campaign you want to use.

To learn more about the types of campaigns we offer, please refer to the article Overview of campaign types.

Afterwards, click on the Next button.

4. Choose the recipient list to which you want to send the newsletter. Remember that you can select more than one list. If the same contact appears on multiple lists, they will receive the e-mail message only once.

To select a list, click on the checkbox next to it. The number of contacts on the list will be displayed on the right side.

5. After selecting the list, an option to create a segment will appear at the bottom of the same screen. To create a segment, click on the Create New Segment button, and then use the segment creation tool to create a segment. If you already have created segments, simply select them from the drop-down list to the left of the Create New Segment button.

Remember that you can only send an e-mail message to one segment at a time.

After optionally selecting a segment, click the Next button.

6. Select a message template. You can choose one of many ready-made templates prepared by us or build your own using the intuitive drag&drop or HTML editor.

To choose a template, hover over the template you want to use, and then click the Select button. Click Next to proceed to the next screen.

7. A window will open with fields about the sender. Fill in the sender name (From Name), sender e-mail (From Email), reply-to email (Reply-to-email address), and the email subject visible to the recipients. Click Continue.

8. You can then customize the design of your campaign and add content such as graphics, text, CTA buttons, and more.

To add an element to your design, simply drag and drop the appropriate block from the sidebar into the desired location in your project.

Use the Options section to format any block. To access these settings, click on the block in the e-mail message that you want to customize.

To update sender information, change the e-mail subject, and add a preheader, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

A modal window Settings will appear where you can make changes. After finishing, click Close, and then Next.

9. After reviewing the Campaign Summary page, the final steps are:

  • Check the e-mail subject, preheader text, and sender information

  • Verify the recipient list for the e-mail

  • Choose additional tracking and GA integration options

  • Optionally schedule a specific date and time for sending the e-mail

  • Send a test e-mail to check how it looks and functions

  • Preview the campaign on different devices

  • Check the spam results (the Passed message gives you the green light for sending, but if any issues are detected, verify them, as they may indicate a problem preventing your campaign from reaching your recipients' inboxes)

10. Send your campaign using the Send Now button.

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