Introduction to products

What our products are based on i.e. everything that makes them work precisely and effectively.

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NEW! CDXP & Marketing Automation

An advanced Marketing Automation platform combining tools dedicated to multi-channel customer data management, sales and marketing.

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Product recommendation engine

AI-based personalised recommendation frames, which display content tailored to the individual needs of your clients.

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Marketing automation

Automatic mailing to e-shop subscribers, which is triggered by time or a specific action and has integration with our AI-based recommendation engine.

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E-commerce platforms

Check which e-commerce platforms are our products integrated with.

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Additional servicies

Check our offer of additional services.

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Learn definitions of the most popular e-commerce terms.

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Find out answers to the most frequently asked questions and reported issues.

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Read our articles, best practices and tips related to an e-commerce industry and our products.

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