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Recommendation frames
Recommendation frames
I want to use recommendation frames in my shop. Who should I contact?
Do I have to follow the QuarticOn’s way of placing recommendation frames on the website or can I introduce my own ideas?
Is it possible to apply multiple recommendation strategies in one place on the website?
Can I create a recommendation frame with one selected product, e.g. in the cross-selling logic?
I want to add a new widget to my website. How can I do this?
How many recommendation widgets can I add to my website?
Can I edit recommendation frames myself?
I want to change the title of the frame. How can I do this?
Is it possible to enrich the recommendation engine with archival transactions, so that it can display relevant products before it learns user preferences?
Is it possible to replace "this" with a product name in the frame title "Customers who bought this product, also chose"?
How can I check the sales generated by a given product?
There are two recommendation frames on the product card. Why?
How often is the product catalogue refreshed?
In my recommendation widgets there are no photos/prices/other important elements. What should I do?
I want to turn off a recommendation frame on my website. How can I do this?
Recommendations frames are no longer displayed on my website. What should I do?
My recommendation widgets do not generate sales. Why?
I am planning to change my website template/sales platform. Will this affect the work of recommendation widgets?
What happens when I turn on the "Shuffle results" option while creating a frame?
What does the "Category filter" option mean and what happens if I select "Get from the product"?
What does the "min./max. % price" field mean when configuring a price filter for a recommendation frame?
Do you offer "social proof" notifications?