This option applies to recommendation logics that are designed to match products for another product. The range <min%-max%> means the percentage from the price of the product for which you want to generate recommendations.

How does it work?

For the option to work properly, the product prices must be provided in the product catalogue, and the frame must contain the ID of the product for which recommendations are generated.

Then the system will take the price from the product for which recommendations are to be generated, and then calculate the price range in which the recommended products must fit. Their price will be within the <min%-max%> range you set.


"Min. % price" is set to 80 and "max. % price" is set to 120. If the product to which the recommendations are to be matched costs PLN 100, the recommendation will display products with a price in the range of PLN 80-120.

The filter is dynamic, i.e. depending on the product price, the range is calculated on an ongoing basis.

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