This option applies to recommendation logics that are designed to match products for another product.

How does it work?

For the option to work properly, categories must be provided in the product catalogue and the meaning of each category level must be consistent. Additionally, the frame must contain the ID of the product for which recommendations are generated.

Then the system will download a given category from the product itself and set the filter so that other products displayed to it have the same category. Thanks to this option, you do not need to create separate frames for different categories.


If the frame is run on a product from the Child category, you will see products from the Child category in the results, and for a product from the Cosmetics category, you will see products from the Cosmetics category in the results.


There is also an option "Get other than product category" – if you select it, products from categories other than the product for which you recommend them will appear in the recommendation results.

In both cases, you can apply the filter to categories at different levels.

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