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Why is the footer the most important element of the newsletter?
Why is the footer the most important element of the newsletter?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The footer is the most important part of the newsletter. This is not a joke. The experience of our clients tells us that the information it contains is usually the most clickable elements in the entire creation. If you use its space properly, you will strengthen relationships with customers and even increase sales.

How to build an effective footer with our new drag&drop editor?

#2 Additional content

The footer is a good place to smuggle in a piece of external content and encourage recipients to investigate it. The option of building a menu will help you with this. You can put there, for example, a link to your blog or a chosen landing page.

#4 Awards and benefits

The footer can also be enriched with the logos of your partners and received awards. You can inform about everything that distinguishes your company from the competition (e.g. free delivery, next-day delivery, shipping abroad, 24/7 customer service).

#1 Must haves

As part of the GDPR principles, always include your company's contact details and a visible, easily accessible unsubscribe link. Thanks to them, you will avoid legal problems, allowing subscribers to opt out of the communication they receive.

#3 Social media icons

The newsletter is a good way to inform about news, but let's face the truth – a lot more is happening on your social media. Add Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest icons to encourage your subscribers to follow your fanpages and be even more up to date with what is going on in your e-shop.

The footer says quite a lot about your brand, so make sure that it is an integral part of it. Create a global e-mail footer, thanks to which you will ensure its consistency and reduce time when building new e-mail creations – there will be no need to build it from scratch every time you send the newsletter.

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