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Thanks to the functionality of creating custom blocks in the drag&drop editor, you can create a global footer for all your e-mail creations. How to do it?

1. Create a block with all the elements you want to include in your footer, such as your company's mailing address and social media icons.

2. As you can see, the line with subscription link that the system automatically adds to each new template you create is not part of the block. To add it there, drag the row and put in the appropriate place in the frame, e.g. under the icons.

Now the frame is ready. Thus, the block with the footer has been created.

3. Save the block as instructed in the article Custom blocks - what can they be used for?. From now on, you can find it in Blocks and add it to every e-mail template you create.

Note that if you are adding a global footer to a new e-mail template, you have to delete the line with unsubscribe, which the system adds automatically.

4. Don't forget to save the template!

Watch a short video about creating a global e-mail footer:

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