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Our drag&drop creator allows you to build a vertical or horizontal menu in newsletters. It is a good way to present external content in a consistent, minimalist and aesthetic way and encourage recipients to get acquainted with this. In the menu you can put, among others:

  • link to the blog

  • link to the category on the shop's website (e.g. women, men, kids)

  • link to the selected landing page

  • link to the shop's regulations

  • link to the contact page

You can find the menu in Content.

To add it to your message template, drag the tile directly into the editor on the left. Click on the menu block to go to the settings.

Click Add New Item to create the first link in the menu.

Fill in the fields depending on where you want to redirect your recipients after they click on the link. As with the CTA buttons you can choose a website, e-mail or telephone number.

Repeat the steps for every other items you add, and then continue to the Styles section to customise the menu appearance. Pay attention to the fields Layout (horizontal or vertical menu?) and Separator (which character should separate links?). Example:

In the Padding -> Right and Left sections you can set the distances between individual items in the menu.

Once you create a menu, don't forget to save your template!

Example of the menu in a vertical layout:

The location of the menu is up to you. Our best practices say it works perfectly under the main banner or in the footer.




Watch a short video about creating a menu:

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