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Best practices for adding images to e-mail messages
Best practices for adding images to e-mail messages
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The CDXP platform by QuarticOn allows you to add images to your e-mail message projects within campaigns or automations using the drag-and-drop creator. In this article, we will provide you with some best practices that will make working with images easier and help you avoid potential issues with delivery/receipt of your communications sent to your customers.

Maintain an optimal image width of 400 to 650 pixels

The above range is the recommended width for images, both for mobile devices and Outlook. Outlook does not scale images with a width of 1000 pixels or larger – the image will be displayed in its actual size, causing the template width to expand and distort.

Divide tall images into smaller parts

Images with a large height will be compressed by our editor to ensure deliverability, but the image may lose quality, appear blurred, and take longer to load. If your image is taller than 600 pixels, we recommend splitting it into separate shorter images. This will allow e-mail clients to load individual images faster and preserve their quality.

Set the exact size of the image you want to use in the e‑mail

Inserting a small image and then scaling it to a larger width by dragging the corner of the image in the e-mail can distort its quality, making it grainy or blurry. Conversely, if you insert a large image and then scale it down to a smaller size, the image will be displayed at its original size when viewed on a mobile device.

Add images to Image blocks instead of Text blocks

We recommend adding images to Image blocks, not Text blocks. In Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2013, embedded links in an image within a Text block may not be clickable. Additionally, text may not wrap properly when viewing the e-mail on a mobile device.

Avoid text on images

If images are blocked by a subscriber's inbox, they will not see any text contained within your image. Moreover, the image may be distorted on mobile devices as it needs to be scaled up or down to fit the resolution of such devices.

Add alt attributes to images

Alt attribute, or alternate text, is a brief description of your image that appears in place of the image in the e-mail if a subscriber has images blocked. To add an alt attribute to an image, click on the image in your campaign and add 1-2 words in the Info field under the Options tab.

Use the Social Links block to add social media icons to your e-mail message design

Using graphic blocks to insert social media icons may cause images to enlarge when viewed on mobile devices, and they may appear distorted. Instead, use the Social Links block to easily add social media icons to your e-mail message design.

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