There are no separate settings for this matter in our MA system. However, you can solve the problem differently:

For campaigns:

when creating an e-mail campaign, at the setting stage (point 6 in this article), determine that the given scenario will not run for a given target group more than X times (X is of course the value you choose).

For example: if you want the abandoned cart campaign to be sent to your target group only 1 time within 10 days, fill in the fields Frequency of shipment and Permit to resubscribe user to this campaign after following time as shown below.

Finish the campaign configuration according to the article How to setup a campaign?.

For newsletters:

prepare your own target group so as to send communication only to people who are not involved in MA campaigns.

When creating a newsletter, at the stage of adding a target group (point 3 in this article) select the one titled customers who did not receive the campaign.

Add all campaigns from the list whose participants you want to exclude from the newsletter. Also consider which subscribers you want to exclude from sending in terms of time, e.g. those who participated in the given campaigns within 30 days – then in the field during the days enter 30.

Fill in the name of the group and its assignment length, and then finish the newsletter configuration according to the article How to configure the newsletter?.

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