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In the customer's panel, you can configure two types of communication:

  1. a single newsletter

  2. en e-mail sequence

This article will be devoted to en e-mail sequence. We will present you the basic steps to be followed to properly prepare and send it. What you need is: the right template or templates, the right audience, and the right list of recipients.

1. Go to the Mailing tab, then Templates and make sure that e-mail templates that you want to use in a given campaign are ready.

If you want to create a new template, go to How to create an email template? article. Remember that you can use both a drag&drop and an HTML wizard.

2. Go to the Campaigns tab and click Create email sequence.

3. Audiences. In this step, select a target group of e-mail messages recipients from the list or add a new group (at the bottom of the list) based on the selected criterion.

Fill in the fields for the selected group (if in doubt contact our Sales team) and save it. It should now be visible in the group list, so you can select it and proceed to the next step by clicking Next. Example:

4. Email sequences. In this step, select the templates that you have prepared for the campaign. Click Add email template to campaign...

...and select those you want to use. Click Next.

5. Set the sending time for the templates.

Remember that the time of sending e-mails within one campaign is TOTAL for all sequences. If the first e-mail is to be sent after 1 hour and the second one after 6 hours, then in the first sequence we set the time to 1 hour, and in the second – 5 hours. If the first e-mail is to be sent after 2 hours, and the second one after 10 hours, set the time of the first one in the sequence to 2 hours, and the second – 8 hours.

Click Next.

6. The next step is Campaign settings. Enter its name, specify the frequency of sending and, if you want to resend the campaign after some time, set the number of days after which it should happen. Then go to Advanced settings.

In advanced settings, you have the option to define the date and time of the beginning and end of the campaign. You have to set the start time, but the end time is optional. If you do not provide it, the system will send the campaign every time the given condition is met by the given group.

7. Also complete the details of the sender. What you enter will be displayed to recipients in their inboxes.

We encourage you to use the functionality of managing the list of senders. For more information, see the article How to manage the list of senders?.

Click Next.

8. A summary will appear in the last step. Check if everything is correct and click Finish.

9. The newly created campaign is now visible in the campaign list in the main view of the Mailing tab. However, it is still inactive. To activate it, click the red circle and the Activate button.

In this section, you also have the option to view statistics on all created campaigns.

On the right, after clicking on the gear, you can edit the campaign (Edit), send a test e-mail (Test email), view the campaign settings (Show settings) and check the statistics for the links included in it (Click statistics).

Examples of setting up specific scenarios for a campaign can be found below:

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