Is it worth to take part in Black Friday?

Find out what are the benefits of participating in Black Friday.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
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Black Friday came to us from the United States and takes place traditionally on the last Friday of November. On this day, stationary and online shops tempt customers with large promotions. In addition to significant price reductions, we can count on promotions like 2 for 1 or free products added to purchases.

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Is it worth taking part in this promotional campaign?

Consumers are increasingly interested in promotions during Black Friday. From year to year, the marketing campaigns help to publicise the idea of Black Friday and to emphasise its commercial potential. Customers plan their Christmas shopping on this day, counting on interesting occasions and considerable savings. In shopping malls, you can clearly notice increased traffic, and websites are visited by many users that are looking for the best offers. Internet search engines note queries about specific offers provided for Black Friday. If you will plan a good promotional campaign for your online shop, you can count on a significant sales peak during that night.

Benefits of participating in Black Friday

  1. Customers who take part in promotional campaigns are especially pleased with the fact that they have access to many interesting offers and despite making many purchases, they are still able to save money.

  2. For entrepreneurs, it is a period of increased sales and traffic.

  3. Black Friday gives also an opportunity to clear stock before the Christmas season.

  4. It’s also a great opportunity to acquire new clients.

This relationship is referred to as a “win-win situation”. It brings mutual benefits and positively influences the presence of the brand and its awareness among customers. Not only large commercial chains decide to participate in Black Friday, but also smaller entrepreneurs or producers, seeing in it not only opportunities to increase potential sales, but also the chance to get another channel to reach potential customers.

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