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Why is it worth to trust artificial intelligence in e-commerce?
Why is it worth to trust artificial intelligence in e-commerce?

Why is it worth investing in AI and what can we achieve thanks to this?

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Personalisation of services, higher quality of customer service or automation of sales processes – artificial intelligence supports e-commerce in many areas, effectively driving sales. Why is it worth investing in AI? What can we achieve thanks to it? We present the key benefits for e-commerce!

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Understanding the client's needs

Nowadays, personalisation of services using artificial intelligence is one of the key trends in e-commerce. Knowing the needs and behaviours of customers would not be possible without large amounts of data. Advanced algorithms, which efficiently process the collected information, are necessary for their analysis. Based on them, they create, among others, product recommendation systems and search results, which are tailored to the expectations of the individual customer.

Better quality of service

One of the key challenges online shops face is to provide customers with a quick response to the questions they ask. Where traditional consultants cease to be productive, chatbots using machine learning mechanisms become helpful. They not only dispel all doubts of customers quickly and efficiently but also participate in the processing of complex orders, minimising the risk of abandoning the basket by the consumer.

Simplifying sales

Personalisation of services and providing high-quality service are not the only benefits of artificial intelligence. The owners of online shops can make use of it even at the stage of reaching recipients of products and services. How? Various sales tools are used for this purpose – both in the area of ​​selecting potentially interested clients, creating a proper sales message for them, as well as initiating contact through the appropriate channel. These tools speed up the entire process while limiting the risk of incorrect actions.

Detecting false reviews

False reviews are a problem faced by online shops in many sectors. In tracking reviews, which are one of the main decision-making factors when shopping online, artificial intelligence works great. Advanced algorithms, with high accuracy, verify the correctness of entries, detecting the false ones that could damage the reputation of the brand and promoting those useful to potential buyers.

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