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Why is it worth using social proof notifications?
Why is it worth using social proof notifications?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

In our product offer you will find several dozen different functionalities, some of which are available on request, i.e. custom functionalities. These include social proof notifications. What are they and what are the benefits of using them?

A new generation of advertising

How do you define advertising on the Internet? Typically, it comes down to buying outdoor space in order to channel its audience to reach the target site. But what about those who have already found your website and still do not decide to buy? The first basic rule of the owner of any e-business should be the maximum use of the space they have at their fingertips. Their online shop is the largest and best advertising space, which, if properly optimised, can work miracles.

A type of advertisement that will perfectly fit into the framework of your website are social proof notifications, i.e. those that inform e-shop users about the latest activity of other users.

Nurturing w e-commerce, czyli jak zadbać o wygenerowany ruch na stronie sklepu?

Example: 82 people are viewing this product now

Bet on social proof

According to the latest Gemius report, almost half of Polish e-customers believe that it is the opinions about the shop and the activity of other buyers that affect its credibility. They are also one of the key decision factors when shopping online. Their absence is a mistake for which e-shops pay for the loss of potential customers. It is worth showing how many people are currently viewing a given product, how many people bought it, or how many minutes ago the last purchase was made. It is also worth presenting positive reviews of people who have already used your products and services.

The effectiveness of social proof notifications is supported by an ordinary human reflex defined by a psychological phenomenon called social proof. It is that when we are not sure how to behave, we make the same decisions as most of the group. In other words, we assume that a behaviour is correct when we see other people behaving that way.

Benefits of using social proof notifications

The information from social proof notifications is for customers of a given online store, first of all, proof that the range of products available there is popular among other customers, and that aspects such as technical support or the ordering process do not raise any doubts.

This way of reviewing and reporting visits and purchases is a simple way to build brand credibility, instill trust, increase the attractiveness of the purchase offer and shorten the time of making a purchase decision by creating the impression of competing for limited resources.

If you want to use this functionality and implement it in your online shop, write to your sales rep or at

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