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How to report technical errors and emergencies?
How to report technical errors and emergencies?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Report errors and emergencies to We respond immediately.

1. Provide your customer symbol and the address of your online shop in the title of the message. The customer symbol can be found in the Settings tab (main menu on the left) -> Account settings -> API tokens -> API username.

2. Describe the problem you encountered in details (what is it? when does it occur?) – the more details you provide, the faster we will be able to react. It will be very helpful to provide information on what steps are needed to be taken to reconstruct the problem.

3. Provide the date on which the problem occurred.

4. Provide the environment (test or production), type, model and resolution of the device on which the problem was noticed.

5. Provide any additional information that seems relevant to the case, e.g. have there been any changes on your e-shop's website that may have affected the operation of a given QuarticOn product?

6. Attach screenshots and videos to the message. If possible, also add a direct link to the problem location (e.g. a specific subpage).

You can use the template below:

E-mail title

Customer Symbol: /symbol/; e-shop URL: http:// /the address of your e-shop/

E-mail body

Hello, I have encountered an error with /QON product name/ in my online shop/on my account in the customer's panel. The problem is /problem description/. It occurs when /description of the situation and step-by-step instruction how to recreate it/.

First time I noticed it was on /date/ on /information about the environment and device/.

Recently, no changes or processes that could harm the operation of the product have been introduced on my shop's website.


Recently, on my shop's website /additional information/. Perhaps this information can help you verify the source of the problem.

In order to give you a better look at the problem, enclosed you will find:

  • a direct link to the problem: http:// (add if possible)

  • screenshots and video/s (below)

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