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What do individual consents mean in marketing automation settings?
What do individual consents mean in marketing automation settings?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

There are 3 types of consents in our customer's panel:

  1. Newsletter – this is the consent that you have to obtain from each recipient in order to send them a newsletter, i.e. informational, commercial and promotional content by electronic means;

  2. Personalisation – consent given to personalise communication, i.e. to process and use behavioural data in order to adjust messages to the current preferences, interests and expectations of the recipient; this consent is required for marketing automation campaigns (e.g. abandoned cart), but its lack does not mean that it is not possible to send a regular newsletter;

  3. Store policy – this consent means that your recipient accepts the regulations of your store.

How to get to the consent settings?

1. Go to the Mailing tab in the vertical menu on the left, then click on the Email list section.

2. Click on the gear symbol next to the selected e-mail address and select Edit email.

You can also view the response to the mandatory consent (Newsletter) in the Opt-in column.

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