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As we have written in the article First-party cookie, which is how to outsmart Google and AdBlock-type plugins, first-party cookie integration does not require any complicated development work. Connecting QuarticOn to your shop's domain is both simple and safe, because each connection to our infrastructure is encrypted with an individual certificate issued free of charge and especially for you.

The QuarticOn script can be inserted through any domain (e.g. * .ai.yourdomain.com, * .wolf.yourdomain.com, * .superhero.yourdomain.com, * .qon.yourdomain.com), therefore we will not cause any conflicts with your current infrastructure.

The implementation scenario: when you do not have your own certificate and you want us to register it for you (free service).

If you are interested in the product, write to us at helpdesk@quarticon.com and we will provide you with more details.

Remember! If you have more than one domain, e.g. different language versions (yourdomain.com and yourdomain.fr), the system is able to handle all of them. In this case, the installation procedure must be repeated for each domain.

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