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E-commerce indicators (KPIs)
What KPI are increased by QuarticOn?
What KPI are increased by QuarticOn?

Find out which e-commerce indicators will increase thanks to our products.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

QuarticOn creates systems of support and personalisation of sales processes based on artificial intelligence for companies from the e-commerce sector, offering e-mail marketing and VoD systems. These systems analyse data, create individual customer purchase profiles and on this basis display the personalised offer in real time to persons visiting your e-store. They can also influence the effectiveness of mailing campaigns and increase video viewing by up to 15%. How do these activities affect the functioning of online stores? We're already answering.

Inspire customers to do shopping – how?

1. In an online shop

Imagine this — the customer browses the offer of your store, clicks on more products, visits subpages. At the same time, our system collects all data regarding its behaviour, analyses them and selects for him specific products that perfectly fit his needs.

The offer prepared in this way may appear on the home page, error page 404, the zero search results page or the order status page. On the same basis, our system can offer complementary products to those already chosen by the customer or more expensive. We're talking about cross-selling and up-selling.

What e-commerce indicators will rise thanks to this promotion strategy?

First of all, we can count on an increase in the conversion rate, which shows us how much traffic in the online store must be generated, so that sales increase by X %. Such estimation is particularly important during audits of e-commerce activities, analysis of their condition and in making business decisions for the future. Thanks to the optimisation of the store and the use of every sales opportunity, we can calmly look into the future.

Implementation of the recommendation engine in the online store is also an effective weapon in the fight against customer migration and lowering the Customer Churn Rate (CCR). The better we know our clients, the better offer we can offer them. In turn, the better it meets their needs, the more likely they will not take advantage of the competition offer. Does it sound interesting?

2. In email campaigns

This is not all that QuarticOn can do! We also know how to increase the effectiveness of mailing campaigns by up to 300% thanks to personalised recommendations. Each of your clients can receive an e-mail from us with a completely different offer.

Those who added products to the cart but did not complete their purchases will be qualified for the “win-back” campaign. Properly selected product recommendation will increase the need for shopping in them again.

It is also an ideal opportunity to show customers products similar to those that at the previous visit were added to the basket. Such information can also be attached to the mailing confirming the purchase or informing about the status of the order.

The QuarticOn system can also analyse the last activity of the user in the e-store and on this basis encourage him to visit subsequent subpages or product categories.

How do these activities translate into an increase in e-commerce indicators?

Well-planned mailing campaigns effectively increase the average order value (AOV) and positively affect the RPV indicator, which determines the revenue per user who visits a given e-store. Of course, the higher the value of these indicators, the better for your e-commerce.

Implemented recommendation systems in mailings simultaneously reduce the cart abandonment rate (CAR), which means in practice that more people are finalising the started shopping. For online store owners, this combination means pure profit. Will you agree?

3. In video materials

We can risk a statement that in recent years, the camera has been making the biggest gains in business. Video materials are very effective in the promotion. No wonder. The barrier to enter this advertising format is much lower than before. How is this possible? Thanks to portals like YouTube or Vimeo.

The engine of personalised recommendations for video offered by QuarticOn examines user preferences and, based on the conducted analysis, displays to recipients video materials that may interest them.

We have the ability to encourage users to watch films that have been chosen especially for them, similar to those they have previously watched, indicate them the most popular videos or other of the given category.

What indicators will increase thanks to these activities?

The video recommendation system allows you to increase the viewership by up to 15%. This is a very important issue. Research shows that the average user, after looking through 10 to 20 video proposals, dissipates and his decision process is more complicated. In this situation, there is a high risk that instead of seeing the video published by your brand, it will go to the competition. We guess you don't want it, right?

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