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Who can receive an abandoned cart e-mail sequence?
Who can receive an abandoned cart e-mail sequence?
Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Mandatory steps each user must take in order to receive an abandoned cart e-mail sequence are:

1. User must be registered (which means they created an account in the past or have done it just now) on the website and logged in at least once after the app was installed. Then we can receive the most essential information about them.

2. User must have checked the marketing clause in order to receive e-mail messages with promotional content. This can be done on the website through a newsletter subscription box – in this case, use the Shopify administration panel of the e-shop to enable/disable the box and its presence on the website or on the account registration page – in this case, it is custom theme modification unrelated to the app itself, e.g. use Shopify guide on this matter).

After fulfilling the above two conditions.

3. User adds at least one item to the basket, leaves it without creating an order in the e-shop and closes the website.

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