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IT technical support packages for QuarticOn customers
IT technical support packages for QuarticOn customers

Use our technical support plan tailored to your needs and focus on what is important to you

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

We are aware that depending on the size of your business and the scope of our cooperation, you may need an individual approach to technical issues and care from the QuarticOn IT team. For this reason, we have prepared support packages that will allow you to decide which range of technical monthly support will be the most optimal for you.

Available IT technical support packages:




5 hours per month

10 hours per month

20 hours per month

EUR 160 per month

EUR 280 per month

EUR 530 per month

All additional works beyond the available packages are billed at the hourly rate, which is EUR 40.

Important! Support is provided on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The minimum period for which you can purchase a technical support package is 3 months.

Services included in IT technical support packages:

  • adjusting the appearance of QuarticOn products to the new website layout in the event of changes in CSS styles on the client's website

  • adjusting the appearance of QuarticOn products and the way they display as part of the current implementation

  • implementing additional changes and functionalities which do not belong to the standard range of functionalities of a given Quarticon product* and are not described in the implementation specification

  • changing the appearance and they way QuarticOn products display with the use of previously unavailable data

  • implementing new instances of QuarticOn products (recommendation frames, additional filters for search results, etc.)

  • updating product catalogue "on demand"

  • changing the way of feeding the product catalogue

  • implementing and maintaining an additional language version of the client's website

  • implementing and maintaining an additional currency version on the client's website

  • supporting a client's website mobile version in a way that differs from the standard range of functionalities of a given Quarticon product*

  • supporting additional subpages on which QuarticOn products are to function, and which were not included at the initial implementation stage

*The standard range of functionalities of a QuarticOn product should be understood as the range of functionalities included in the offer, based on the selected package of a given product. The example of non-standard support can be a situation when the customer has a different website and domain for a mobile version and for a desktop version, which doubles the workload and maintenance issues.

How should I submit technical inquiries and requests?

Send technical inquiries and requests to If you do not have purchased a technical support package or your request exceeds the number of hours included in the package you have purchased, your issue will be calculated separately and assigned for execution after accepting additional costs. We set the implementation time individually with you, depending on the type of task, its complexity and our current processing capacity. If time is a priority for you, it is possible to set an additional fee that will speed up the implementation of your task.

How should I report technical errors and emergencies?

Errors and emergencies should be reported to You can find a detailed description here. We respond immediately.

Emergency means a situation in which our products are no longer displayed on our client's website or their operation is characterised by serious anomalies (e.g. at least 25% of products from the product catalogue are not displayed in recommendation frames on the website).

Error is the one that due to our fault makes it impossible to go follow the customer's purchasing path or misleads the customer (e.g. outdated prices, non-clickable shopping cart page items).

Remember! Before you contact us, make sure that the answer to your question is not in our Help Center. It is created on an ongoing basis and we make sure that it is helpful for you every day, regardless of the package you chose.

If you have any suggestions regarding articles in our Help Center, please contact us at We will make every effort to ensure that this space is a valuable source of knowledge both about our products and the possibility of their optimal use.

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