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Order status generating additional sales
Order status generating additional sales

Find out how to generate additional sales from an order status page.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
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Thank you for buying! You can check the order status on your Customer Account.

This is the last message your customer sees after making a purchase. Later, they visit the website several times, tracking how the status of the order changes - from being prepared to completed. Find out what to do to make checking the order status not the only action performed by a customer and how to generate additional sales.

What does the order status page look like?

Immediately after placing the order, the customer usually receives an automatic e-mail with information confirming receipt of an order. Then this confirmation is sent with a detailed description of the order and other information that the customer can track order status on the website. If they provided a phone number, they will receive an SMS confirming the status change. The customer is therefore invited to re-visit your store at least three times. The traffic generated in this way is a movement that you will not spend a single penny on. Every single client’s visit is another opportunity for you to sell, which should be used! So, does the order status page convert and encourage to make another purchase?

How to make the order status site generate sales?

Order status page is one of the important business websites where the online store is losing sales. The customer visits it several times. And, in addition, it is a loyal customer who values ​​your product so much that they have already made one purchase. The customer you should take care of most. Inspire them to place another order by implementing a cross-selling recommendation frame! Thanks to this intelligent solution, you create another need - based on information about the product that the customer has already acquired. The recommendations will direct the custome's attention to new items that were purchased by other customers together with the products in the order. Relevant hints have a very big chance to create a new need or remind the user about products that they should buy. For example: the customer bought a drill that is often sold in a set with drill bits, a protective mask or electric cable detector. If we tell the customer what to buy, there is a good chance that they will place the order again.

The right solution is to use the following recommendation strategies:

  • recommendations based on cross-sell strategies that complement the purchased product;

  • products viewed during the last visit to the store;

  • personalised recommendations for promotional products.

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