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How to return the customer to your e-shop?
How to return the customer to your e-shop?

Find out what an internal remarketing network is and how to implement it in the e-shop.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

While prices for advertising campaigns are constantly growing, there is not much space to implement them. The best, and at the same time, free advertising space is the website of your store. Website optimisation is a basic activity that significantly affects the user's involvement and the increase in e-business income. So how to effectively optimise the website to increase the company's sales goals? The answer is simple: develop it with the content useful for potential customers. The website should be constructed in such a way that it will return the user to the store from every key place.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is an effective tool of reaching the potential customers who have once visited our shop, but they did not convert. When people close the store site, where they did not make a purchase, its’ ads follow them as they browse other sites. This is a planned action that reaches the recipients and reminds them about the products they have seen. Its goal is to return the potential customer to the store.

Remarketing is effective in generating sales from users who have not decided to make a purchase for some reason. What is more, it builds a positive image of the company and results in a long-term relationship with the client. There is one drawback for a number of benefits: remarketing obviously costs a lot. What about implementing this strategy and using it internally on subpages of your own site? We have already mentioned that our own store is the best and at the same time free advertising space. Below we discuss the details of this solution.

What is the internal remarketing network?

Currently, many e-stores invest not only in direct sales but also in educating potential customers, which then contributes to the growth of profits. Often, an online store website is a blog or knowledge base in your field. For example companies that offer glasses and contact lenses provide advice on the selection of the right glasses on their website or describe in detail the diagnosis of vision defects. This action is aimed at bringing the customers back to the store and making them buy the right product.

However, in order to use the potential of published expert content effectively, an internal remarketing network should be implemented here. What does it mean? The introduction of personalised recommendations tailored to the individual needs of the client, which will shorten the process of searching for the product! If the client reads an article about what lenses are appropriate for a given eye defect, suggest them the right product available in your store just below the text.

This solution is included in the QuarticOn recommend the package. The algorithms based on artificial intelligence, automatically register the content that the potential customer is interested in. Then, based on the collected data, they display a personalised offer in real time. As a result, decision-making time is shortened. A customer who previously did not know exactly which product is right for them, now returns to the store with new knowledge and consciously makes the right purchase.

To sum up...

  • Remarketing is one of the most effective strategies that not only increases sales but also builds brand awareness and long-term relationships with the customer;

  • To maximise the potential of this tool, it is worth introducing it to the online store space in the form of an internal remarketing network.

  • Internal remarketing helps to maximally shorten the process of making purchase decisions, reduce the bounce rate of the website and effectively generate sales at a low cost.

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