General settings

Find out how to manage general settings.

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In order to change the basic account data, go to the Settings tab.

Account settings - allows you to change your name, surname, password and user status.

My scripts - here are available scripts required for proper operation of our our products; more information about scripts can be found here.

Product catalogue - here you can upload product catalogues and check their status; more information about the product catalogue can be found here.

Transaction history - contains information about the sent transaction history and its status in the system; more information about importing transaction history can be found here.

Payment settings - a place where you can provide data necessary to automatically download payments for using our products; learn how to do it here.

Your plan - contains information about the current payment plan.

Your invoices - in this tab, you can download invoices issued for the use of the system.

Users - a place where you can manage current users (name and surname editing and password change) and add new ones by clicking the Add new user button; learn more here.

Delete email - in this tab, you can delete email addresses that you want to remove from the QuarticOn system.

Promotional codes - in this tab, you will find information about available promotional codes.

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