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Transaction history import
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Our recommendation engine needs from a few to several days of data collection in order to be able to generate relevant recommendations for users. In order to speed up this time and access data earlier, it is possible to transfer a file in XML format, which contains archive transactions made in a given e-shop.

To import a file, after logging into the panel, go to Settings -> Transaction history.

In the Transaction history format specification field, there is a link to the specification according to which the file should be prepared.

You can also download the specification below.

Remember! The most important elements are the product ID and transaction ID

In the Transaction history url field, you need to enter the URL to a file from your server.

After clicking Save, the system will process the file and import transactions to the system. The number of transactions should appear in the bookmark view.

If you have any problems with importing the file, please contact our Customer Success team at

Remember! We can also take advantage of the transaction history when you use the Marketing Automation service. Thanks to this, we can take into account the seasonality of your industry.

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