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In order to supply the QuarticOn CDXP system with historical transaction data, we have to receive the sales data in a CSV file.

ATTENTION! Before uploading the historical data, you must upload the product catalogue with the product IDs consistent with the data from the history file!

The CSV file must contain:

• transaction id

• e-mail

• transaction date

• sold product id

• product unit price

• the number of items purchased

• currency (optional)

The structure of a supported CSV file

1. The field separator in the file should be a comma. Data that may cause errors in the file structure (e.g. text with commas as text elements, not separators) should be wrapped in quotation marks.

2. The first line should contain the description of the fields (it should always be the same) in exactly the order shown in the example below. The system will not handle the columns presented in the file.


You can omit the last column (currency) – we will assume that your currency is PLN.

3. Transactions must be grouped – the system will not handle the file correctly, in which the lines describing the transaction will be scattered. The system assumes that changing the transaction id means starting the description of a new transaction.

4. The description of the quantity in the form of a real number will finally be rounded to a whole number in the QuarticOn CDXP system.

Sample file with a description of 5 transactions:

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