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How to manage the Most popular queries feature?
How to manage the Most popular queries feature?

From this article, you will learn how to manage the Most popular queries feature in the panel.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Most popular phrases is a feature that allows you to display a selected number of the most searched phrases in your e-shop.

How does it work?

Shortly after clicking on the small search engine (autocomplete), before the user starts typing a search phrase and before it exceeds the search length (usually 3 characters), a list of the most frequently searched phrases by all users in the e-shop will appear. Example in one of the Polish shops, in which the feature was implemented:

Clicking on a phrase will take them to the search results.

Feature settings in the customer's panel

In our customer's panel, you, as the e-shop administrator, have the option of manually entering the phrases selected by you into specific items on the list.

To access the feature settings, go to the AI ​​Smart Search panel by clicking Search in the menu on the left.

Then go to Settings and click Most popular queries.

Here you can:

  • enable or disable the feature

  • decide what time the system takes into account when counting the popularity of phrases; this gives you the ability to adjust functions, e.g. to the changing seasons (fashion) or periodic changes in your catalogue

  • set the number of displayed queries

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