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Most popular phrases is a feature that allows you to display a selected number of the most searched phrases in your e-shop.

How does it work?

Shortly after clicking on the small search engine (autocomplete), before the user starts typing a search phrase and before it exceeds the search length (usually 3 characters), a list of the most frequently searched phrases by all users in the e-shop will appear. Example in one of the Polish shops, in which the feature was implemented:

Clicking on a phrase will take them to the search results.

Feature settings in the customer's panel

In our customer's panel, you, as the e-shop administrator, have the option of manually entering the phrases selected by you into specific items on the list.

To access the feature settings, go to the AI ​​Smart Search panel by clicking Search in the menu on the left.

Then go to Settings and click Most popular queries.

Here you can:

  • enable or disable the feature

  • decide what time the system takes into account when counting the popularity of phrases; this gives you the ability to adjust functions, e.g. to the changing seasons (fashion) or periodic changes in your catalogue

  • set the number of displayed queries

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