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Product feed for AI Smart Search
Product feed for AI Smart Search

In this article you will learn what catalogue data we need from you for the search engine to work at its best.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The basis of AI Smart Search functioning is providing all necessary data about the client's products.

How can we collect data?

We consider the use of the product feed, the most optimal due to its greater reliability and resistance to changes at the customer's front.

What data do we need?

The truth is, the more data we have, the better! Basic data are those that are also necessary to implement the recommendation system:

  • product id

  • product name

  • link to the product page

  • link to the photo

  • price

  • old price

  • product status

The next step is to think about the parameters according to which we want products to be searched. We are interested in all the additional information that will help your customers to:

  • search:

- complete product description

  • filter:

- categories

- product size

- colour

- material from which it is made

- producer / brand

- for whom the product is dedicated (gender or age (adults / kids)

- dimensions (diameter or simply defining as e.g. big / small / medium)

- delivery time

- parameters distinguishing the product (badges, markings), e.g. bestseller, bargain, sale

  • sort:

- currency (how popular the product is)

- date of appearance in the shop (new arrivals)

We can also collect any number of necessary photos (e.g. if the product tile in the category listing contains more than one photo/slider).

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