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Products report – everything you need to know
Products report – everything you need to know

From this article you will learn what information important for your e-shop is provided in the Products report tab in the customer's panel.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The Products report tab provides a detailed analysis of the products that appear in the search results, regardless of the search phrase.

How to go to the Products report tab?

1. After logging in to go to the AI ​​Smart Search panel by clicking Search in the menu on the left.

2. In the AI ​​Smart Search customer's panel click on the Products report tab.


The table lists all products that have ever appeared in autocomplete and/or SERP searches, sorted by highest conversion by default. Data can be:

  • filtered by source: all data, autocomplete, search results (SERP)

  • filtered by date range

  • sorted by each parameter ascending or descending by clicking on the appropriate column header in the table

What information does the table provide?

Product ID

A unique product code that identifies it in the customer's product catalogue.

Product name

Product name taken from our catalogue.


Number of times a given product was viewed by users in search results.


The number of times products were clicked on the search results list (for any phrase).


The ratio of the number of purchases to the number of clicks, i.e. what percentage of clicks ended with a purchase.

Sales count

The number of transactions with a given product made by users within 48 hours from the click.

Units sold

Number of products sold in transactions counted in the Sales count column.


Total sales amount (Units sold column × product price).

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