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Phrases report – everything you need to know
Phrases report – everything you need to know

From this article you will learn what information important for your e-shop is provided in the Phrases Report tab in the customer's panel.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The Phrases Report tab provides a detailed analysis of the queries that users of your shop enter into the search engine.

How to go to the Phrase Report tab?

1. After logging in to go to the AI ​​Smart Search panel by clicking Search in the menu on the left.

2. In the AI ​​Smart Search customer's panel click on the Phrases Report tab.


The table contains all search phrases with statistics, sorted by default from the highest conversion. Data can be:

  • filtered by source: all data, autocomplete, search results (SERP)

  • filtered by date range

  • sorted by each parameter ascending or descending by clicking on the appropriate column header in the table

What information does the table provide?


A query entered by the user in the search engine. The phrase is normalised in the case of letters (we convert all of them to lowercase), so the statistics for e.g. TOJIRO A1 universal knife 135 apply to its all combinations:

  • Tojiro A1 Universal Knife 135,

  • tojiro a1 universal knife 135,


  • etc.


This is the number of searches for a given, normalised (see above) phrase, i.e. how many times a given phrase has been entered in the search engine.


They mean how many times any of the products that appeared in the search results for a given phrase was clicked.


CTR, click-through rate, is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of searches.


The ratio of the number of purchases to the number of clicks, i.e. what percentage of clicks ended with a purchase.

Sales count

The number of transactions containing a product clicked in search results made by users within 48 hours from the click.

Units sold

Number of products sold in transactions counted in the Sales count column.


Total sales amount (Units sold column × product price).

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