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Smart Search – quick start

From this article you will learn how to quickly implement the AI Smart Search tool in your online shop.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

The starting point for the self-implementation of the AI Smart Search product is signing a contract with a QuarticOn sales representative or filling in the form at

1. Register in our customer's panel at, providing your e-mail address.

2. Complete all your details. In the Shop platform field, select the name of the platform you are using, if it is not on our list, select Custom or Other.

3. Go to the Settings tab on the left and click My scripts. Copy the QuarticOn script from the field number 2 (

The universal, non-personalised version of the script looks like this:

 <script type="text/javascript">
(function() {
var _qS = document.createElement('script');
_qS.type = 'text/javascript';
_qS.async = true;
_qS.src = '//';

The name Customer_ID stands for your unique code and is already replaced in the panel with the identifier generated by the system.

4. Paste the script into your website code before the </head> tag or by using GTM (Google Tag Manager).

5. Then go to the Product feed tab and fill in all fields (

They should look like below:

Name: Google merchant feed
Catalog symbol: leave blank

Product feed url: insert a link to the generated feed
Feed format: Quartic XML (AWS S3/Lambda)

Feed language: en

6. After saving the feed, contact us at sending the below data:

Title: Start Smart-Search
Domain: your domain
Name and surname: your name and surname
Phone: your phone number

By keeping this message format, we will be able to speed up the product implementation process.

7. The launch of the product must be done on our side. Therefore, we are waiting for the final signal from you and we enable Smart Search for you.

Additional information

  • Make sure that the IDs of the products in the feed are the same as on the website.

  • We recommend adding <div'a> to Smart Search (small search engine) so that the selector is stable and unchangeable.

  • In case of changing the search engine styles please read instructions for extended search engine implementation.

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