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About Happy Cart

Find out what is the Happy Cart app and how it works.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

About the app

The Happy Cart app allows you to automate and optimise your e-shop through:

  1. reducing the number of unfinished transactions by tracking abandoned carts and converting them into new orders,

  2. providing customers with a unique shopping experience by sending them personalised product recommendations.

How does it work?

Abandoned shopping carts

Adding products to a shopping cart is the key activity. Users don’t have to start a checkout process in order to make the system remember the contents of their shopping carts. The extended period of the user’s inactivity after adding products to a shopping cart is enough to recognize the need for an additional incentive to help them finish a discontinued action – a purchase.

It means that if the user does not purchase chosen products or does not remove them from the cart within one hour after adding them there, they will receive a personalized e-mail reminding them about the abandoned shopping cart and enabling them to return to the store in order to start and complete the checkout process. If, after the next 9 hours, the products are still in the shopping cart, the system sends another reminder message. The sequence of e-mails reflects the most likely time periods in which the user returns to the shopping cart and may want to finalize the transaction.

Personalised product recommendations

Each e-mail message additionally includes personalized product suggestions that a user might be interested in as the system is based on advanced AI algorithms and can adjust product offer to individual needs and expectations. By showing products “Recommended for you”, you can add some extra value to the customer’s shopping experience and make their shopping easier.

Why choose Happy Cart?

  • The app makes both clients and business owners in the center of attention.

  • It is precise and customer-oriented as it uses an advanced technology based on AI algorithms.

  • Automating and personalizing the process of sending e-mail messages allows customers to recreate their purchase paths without the risk of losing previously selected products as well as gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with them.

  • Saving the contents of their shopping carts also makes returning customers feel appreciated, making it an additional argument for buying in your online store.

  • Our application reacts quickly as it allows you to collect the most important information about unfinalized purchases before the user goes to the checkout stage.

  • It helps you gather data about the exact number and value of abandoned shopping carts.

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