Similar items

Where will this frame work best and why?

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Similar items – the frame will show the customer the products that are most often displayed together with the products currently viewed. Displays are made on the basis of real customer choices, so it may happen that the similarity of products is not intuitive.
Example: A customer who looks at a drill, as a similar product may see a cable detector - not a drill bits (although this association may have come to our mind first).

Where will it work best?

Product card – the product card is the place where the customer still reviews the offer and makes decisions. If the product is not available, the frame will keep the user in the shop and encourage them to buy an alternative product before the customer leaves the online shop and visits a competitor's website. In the case of displaying similar products, but at a lower price, a customer who can afford to buy an expensive product will still buy it, and other customers will additionally buy cheaper similar products.

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