Cross-selling on the cart

Where will this frame work best and why?

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Cross-selling on the cart – the frame will show the customer the complementary products that were most often added to the shopping cart together with the product purchased; these are products adjusted to the contents of the shopping cart in terms of their purpose and price.

Where will it work best?

It works and will work only on the shopping cart page – the aim of this frame is to increase the shopping cart's value and offer the customer additional products that fit their needs. On the shopping cart page, it is important to trigger a quick purchase impulse in the customer, so recommended products must not be too expensive - their price must correspond to the value of the current customer's shopping cart. This frame should be placed on the right side or at the bottom of the page - in these places, it will catch the customer's eye. Why? Because the automatic direction of reading and browsing is sequentially from left to right and from top to bottom of the page.

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