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Where will this frame work best and why?

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
Updated over a week ago

Recommended for you – the frame will display products tailored to each customer's current needs on the basis of their previous choices and behaviour in the shop, e.g. viewing product cards, adding products to the shopping cart and co-displaying products.

Where will it work best?

  1. Home page – the first place on a given site where the customer goes. If they immediately receive product suggestions that match their current needs, they will save their time spent browsing individual tabs and searching for the right product.

  2. Category page – at the stage of finding the right product, the customer will immediately receive proposals that match their current needs. The frame works best at the top of the page, where the buyer directs the eyes first.

  3. Empty Shopping Cart – one of the places of a website with huge sales potential. The products selected for the customer correspond to the viewed ones and include current trends or promotions. The content of the frames is dynamic, which means that if the customer has just removed the product from the shopping cart, the offer automatically changes. The frame stimulates the purchase impulse and re-engages the customer in the purchase process, thus increasing the chances of selling.

  4. No search – the most effective solution used instead of no search is to show the customer an alternative to the missing product and encourage them to continue the purchase process. The rule is very simple: we don't have a product A, but we have a product B that may interest you. The frame will arouse the user's purchase impulse and interest in other products.

  5. Error Page 404 – the frame on the error page subconsciously assures the visitors that they are still on the right website. It ensures that the customer does not leave the shop and continues shopping. The use of a personalised recommendation system on this site helps a potential customer find the right product, which in turn translates into sales.

  6. Info page – the frame stimulates the purchase impulse and engages the customer in the purchasing process. The frame will work best at the bottom of the page.

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