Recommendation strategies – introduction

Our good practices – a general scheme.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
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There are 12 predefined recommendation strategies available in the QuarticOn system. Below is a list of subpages on which, according to our experience, individual strategies will work best:

The practices described above do not have to apply to every client, because each industry is different. It may turn out that the correct operation of the recommendation engine in your online shop will require testing different settings. The above diagram is only a proposal, we are open to your suggestions.

Strategies will also work well in the additional frames, which, in the interests of the highest degree of personalisation of the service, we are able to prepare for you. Such frames function as supporting frames and are displayed seasonally depending on the event, e.g. e-shop's birthday, Black Friday, Christmas.

What are the characteristic elements of the frames and why will they work well in the places described? All these information can be found in the Product recommendation strategies section.

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