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Editing recommendation widgets: drag&drop editor
Editing recommendation widgets: drag&drop editor

Find out what you can do with recommendation frames thanks to our drag&drop editor.

Written by Martyna Woźniszczuk
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Editing recommendation frames: drag&drop editor

Find out what you can do with recommendation frames thanks to our drag&drop editor.

In the Drag&drop editor, in the left column, you can see the Layers field, which you can use to switch between different recommendation frame layers.

Head text

Allows you to change the name of the item, specify its location, change the style of the text, as well as customise the CTA button.

Product grid

Defines the number of recommended products in the form of a table grid (number of rows and columns) as well as their position (distance of the product grid from the upper left edge of the frame) and the spacing between individual rows and columns in the product grid.


In this layer, you can edit all three elements contained in a single recommended product:

  • product image – you can change the properties of the image and its location as well as adjust the CTA button.

  • product name – you can change the name, position of the field and text style as well as customize the CTA button.

  • product price – you can adjust the price, change the name and location of the field as well as the text style, and customize the CTA button.

Each element has properties that influence the appearance of all products in the grid so that they look the same.

General settings

  • widget name,

  • selection of the product catalogue for use,

  • frame height and width,

  • background and border colour,

  • responsiveness (the width is adjusted to the parent element in the DOM structure),

  • UTM tags (e.g. for Google Analytics, the value should be preceded by ? or & depending on whether the parameters added through the wizard are initial parameters or subsequent),

  • JS callback mode and code.

Editing the frame is also possible from the report view in the Recommendations tab.

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