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Implementation of the XML feed to the catalogue in the QuarticOn panel
Implementation of the XML feed to the catalogue in the QuarticOn panel
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Our system will accept the XML catalogue (feed) in the Google Merchant format, i.e. an XML file prepared according to the specifications specified by Google.

If your feed is not prepared according to a specific structure, please contact our technical team ( Our specialists will use an internally developed feedmapper-based solution. They will surely give you tips on how to properly prepare the feed.

Instructions for creating a correct feed in the Google Merchant format can be found in this article. Before starting the implementation of the feed to the catalogue, the preparatory step is to send the product feed for prior verification on the QuarticOn side in order to eliminate basic errors or potential problems that may cause difficulties in the subsequent processing of the product catalog or filtering them in recommendation frames.

How to register a catalogue?

A product catalogue should be registered via the panel. Go to Settings -> Product feed and in the displayed window:

  • enter the name,

  • enter the feed URL (XML file),

  • select the format,

  • select the catalogue language.

After clicking the Save button, downloading and processing of data from the feed will start. This can take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on its size.

Then, in the Catalog status field, information about the stage of processing the feed to the QuarticOn catalogue will appear.

Catalog status field will indicate the stage of the process. It can be:

  • Uploaded – the catalogue was imported correctly,

  • Processing – the downloading process has not finished yet,

  • Error - the catalogue has an error or problem occurred when the file was imported; in this case, please let us know (

You can edit the uploaded catalogue by clicking on the settings symbol and selecting Edit catalogue.

You can edit the name, URL, format and language of the catalogue.

Once you make the necessary changes, save them by clicking the Save button.

You can also check the details about catalogue by selecting again the settings symbol and clicking the Show catalog button.

In this tab, you will find, among others, information about the latest update. By default, the product catalogue is updated once a day.

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