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Another script necessary to collect all data is also a product view script, which is located in the tab Settings -> My scripts -> Tagging product page and transactions -> Product page tag.

What does the script do?

The script allows to record information about users visiting product cards. It processes the following dynamic data:

  • user – id of the user who visits the product card; if the user is not logged in, an empty value should be provided (upsParams.push(['user', "]);)

  • product – id of the product currently viewed; this value must match the ID of the same product submitted in the product catalogue.

Where do you have to paste it?

The script should be pasted into the code of e-shop’s each product card at the end of the body section.

The SCRIPT_PRODUCT_ID variable must be defined and the ID of the product being viewed must be provided. The transmitted ID must match the catalogue data.

The variable SCRIPT_USER_ID is not mandatory, you can leave it blank.

How will you check if the script works correctly?

To do this, go to the product tab, open the source page and check if there is any code added.


The above script works if it is correctly implemented together with the QuarticOn master script, which should be placed on every page of the e-shop.

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