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To see what results your A/B test campaign achieved, find it on the campaign list (see above). Then click on the gear icon and on AB Test Statistics. A modal with a summary of the results will be displayed. The results are refreshed every 15 minutes.

You can check there information about:

  • A/B test settings

  • an e-mail campaign status, the time of its start and automatic mailing (if allowed)

  • templates used in the test along with the message title and statistics

The following data is visible for each creation:

  • sent (number of messages sent in the A/B test)

  • opened (number of messages opened in the A/B test)

  • open rate

  • CTR

  • conversion (if measured)

  • sales (if measured)

The Send to the rest of the group column contains information that:

the winning campaign was sent automatically (along with the reason, e.g. The highest rate of openings)

the given campaign lost in the A/B test

you can send the selected campaign to the remaining group of recipients (in case the automatic sending of the winning creation is inactive)

the creation was sent to the remaining group of recipients when it was ordered manually

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