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Thanks to the custom blocks functionality in our drag&drop editor, you can create sections for further reuse for all your e-mail creations. Suppose you want to encourage recipients to visit your blog in every newsletter. How to do it?

1. Go to the Blocks section and drag a single rectangle template directly to the chosen place in the editor on the left.

2. Use the pluse icons to add more lines to the block...

3. ...and then add the selected content (e.g. a photo, text and CTA button) – all elements that you want to include in your blog section.

4. Go through the settings of individual elements, adjusting their appearance according to your preferences and needs.

a. Edit the text.

b. Add a photo. You can upload your own graphics or choose it from the available stock photo library.

Apply effects (frames, stickers, filters, etc.) or just go through the basic settings on the right (adjust width, add alt attribute, link graphics to a website, etc.). For more information on graphics settings, see the article Editing images in the template.

c. Edit the CTA button and go through its settings.

5. Check if all added lines/elements are part of the block by moving the cursor along their outer edge.

If there is a line/element that happens to appear outside the block frame, drag it inwards.

Now all desired lines/elements are included in one block.

6. You can save the created block. To do this, click on the arrows and floppy disc icons.

7. In the pop-up enter a category name and optional tags which help you organise the blocks and allow you to find them quickly.

8. You can find the block in the Blocks section under the Last Saved tab or under the name you gave them. Blocks are assigned to the account, so only you, the user who saved them, can see and use them.

9. Don't forget to save the template!

From now on, you can use the saved block to create other e-mail creations by dragging it from the list to the chosen place on the template. Like any other block, you can duplicate it, move it, or delete it.

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