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In order to configure an e-mail marketing campaign for new products you have to prepare your product feed correctly. These products should be complete and have an available status. If indicated products are unavailable, the frame will not be displayed at all!

In case you do not want new products to be visible in the recommendations on the website, please add the relevant exclusions in the widgets. We can help you do that. For detailed instructions and support on these matters please contact us at helpdesk@quarticon.com and then continue through the second part of the article below.

The second stage of campaign configuration is the correct edition of the recommendation frame in the panel. How to do it?

1. Log in to the customer's panel.

2. Go to the Mailing tab in the menu on the left, click Templates and Add Template.

3. Create a message template, not forgetting the most important – the recommendation frame.

4. Open the Email Settings section. In the Logic field choose Selected products, in the Json Data Logic field enter the ID of the selected products. They should already be visible in the frame preview.

5. Complete the campaign setup. You can refer to the article How to set up a campaign? lub How to configure a newsletter? depending on whether you want to send a series of messages or a one-time newsletter.

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