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The new drag&drop editor allows you to add a timer to your e-mail template, i.e. a frame that counts down the time. The timer can be successfully used for:

  • promotional campaigns

  • arrival of the new collection

  • launching a new website

  • time-limited promo code

Timer is a great way to trigger a shopping impulse at your customers, increase their engagement and create a sense of competition for limited resources.

You will find this feature in Blocks.

If you want to use it in your e-mail, drag it directly to the template on the left.

Countdown: setting an end date and time

Click on the timer and the settings menu will appear on the right side. Start by setting your time zone, language, and countdown end date/time.

Timer design

If you want to hide the labels (days, hours, minutes, seconds) click on the slider in the Labels row.

You can also change the colour of the background, labels (if not hidden) and numbers as well as their font and size.

In the Image section, you can set the timer width, alignment and alt attribute.

In the General section, you will set the padding.

Adding a header/title to the timer

If you want to add text, which would constitute a title/header, you just need to add a heading above the timer and then format it appropriately.

How to make a linked timer?

Timer, like photos and CTA buttons, can be linked to a website, e-mail address or telephone number. You can, for example, redirect your audience to a landing page dedicated to a specific campaign.

Watch a short video about using a timer in e-mails:

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