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In addition to the option of creating linked images in the template (described in the article Editing images in the template), you also have standard CTA buttons at your disposal.

Adding a CTA button to the e-mail body

If you want to add a CTA button to the body of your e-mail, drag the Button tile from the right-hand menu directly to where you want it to be.

CTA settings

  1. Editing and formatting text

You can edit the text on the CTA as you like – just click on it and enter the text you want. The available formatting options will appear in the bar above the block.

2. Creating linked CTA

In the Action section, you can add a link to the CTA button to redirect your recipients to a website, e-mail address or telephone number. You also decide whether the link should open in a new tab.

If you wish, you can even link the image to the subscription management page (Special Links).

3. CTA design

You can edit the design of CTA buttons in the Button Options, Spacing, and General sections. You will set, among others, text/background colour, padding and borders.

In the Responsive Design section, you can hide the button in the desktop/mobile version.

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