Go to QuarticOn

1. Go to the drag&drop editor (Mailing -> Templates -> Add template)

or select from the list a previously created template to which you want to add an animated GIF.

2. Add an image from the Content list and drag it to the desired position in the message template.

3. Adding GIFs can be done in two ways:

a. by copying the link to the image (e.g. if you are using GIF libraries like giphy.com)

and then pasting the address into the Image URL field

b. by uploading a GIF from your computer

4. The menu on the right also offers a number of GIF-related settings, incl. alignment, padding and linking to a website (including subscription management page -> Action section, Special Links ), e-mail address or telephone number.

5. Save your template!

6. A correctly loaded GIF will be displayed in the e-mail of your recipient.

Watch a short video about creating newsletters with GIFs:

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