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From the article Basic drag&drop editor tools, you already know how to add images to a template. From this one you will learn about their settings and editing options.

General image settings

After clicking on the image added to the template, a menu with settings will appear on the right.

In the first Image section, you can:

In the second Action section, you can add a link to the image to redirect your recipients to a website, e-mail address or telephone number. You also decide whether the link should open in a new tab.

If you wish, you can even link the image to the subscription management page (Special Links).

In the General section you can set padding, i.e. edge distances for all or individual sides of the image.

The last section is Responsive design, which allows you to hide an element in the desktop/mobile version.

Effects on photos

This editor offers a number of options that you can use to spice up the look of your picture. You can choose from, among others:

  • applying filters

  • crop/resize the image

  • zoom/flip/rotate the picture

  • drawing

  • overlay text boxes

  • adding stickers, shapes and frames.

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