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The basic tools that you can use to create an e-mail template design are shown in the menu on the right: Content, Blocks, Body, Images and Uploads.


Content category includes the elements that make up an e-mail message.

The message creator is based on the drag&drop mechanism – if you want to add selected elements to the e-mail body, click and drag them directly to the template on the left.

The permanent element of each new template you create is a single-line section containing a link that your audience can use to manage their subscription.

Editing the template layout

To modify the layout of the template, hover the cursor over the selected element and, depending on your intention, use the buttons that appeared next to the blue frame

where: 1 – move to a different place, 2 – duplicate, 3 – delete.


Blocks are ready-made layout proposals for elements that you can add directly to the editor.

Click All to see all layout suggestions. To use one of them, drag it directly onto the template on the left.

Just like all the other elements of the template, you can move it elsewhere, duplicate it, or delete it. You can also put additional elements to it by clicking on the plus symbol at the top and bottom of the frame.

To fill an empty layout with content, click Add Content and drag the selected item.

You can learn more about blocks and their practical use in the article Custom blocks – what can they be used for?.

In the Blocks section, there is also a frame that counts down the time, the so-called timer.

To use it – just like the rest of the elements – drag it directly to the template on the left. You can read more about the timer in the article Timer/countdown in e-mails.


Body category is nothing more than general settings for the template as a whole.

You can set:

  • a background colour

  • the width of the template

  • alignment and font type

  • the design of the links

  • the text of the preheader, i.e. a short summary of the e-mail that is visible in the inbox right after the title.


Images category is a built-in library of licensed stock images from Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. You can use them in your creations.


Uploads is the media library where all the images you have uploaded are collected.

Watch a short video on the basic editor tools:

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