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UTM tags are a great way to collect enough data about a mailing campaign and then evaluate its effectiveness. In our customer's panel you can define UTM tags for all your mailing campaigns in one place, which saves you time and minimises the risk of error.

UTMs can be managed in the Mailing tab in the side menu bar on the left.

Configuring source and medium UTMs for all mailing campaigns

Click on the UTM settings tab. There you can manage the default UTM source and medium tag values ​​for all mailing templates.

The Enable adding default UTMs to mailing campaigns option is disabled by default. Enabling it will add parameters utm_source=quarticon and utm_medium=email to all email templates (both from the drag&drop and HTML wizard). The parameter value can be freely changed. Available parameter settings are:

  • utm_source, which determines the traffic source

  • utm_medium, which determines the type of traffic source

Configuring campaign UTM for a particular mailing campaign

In the drag&drop wizard, it is also possible to set UTM tags that will be added to all links included in the template (also in the recommendation block). In addition to utm_source and utm_medium, it is also possible to set utm_campaign_name which indicates the name of the particular campaign, e.g. 2020-Christmas-newsletter.

All settings are visible in the Email Settings tab.

Note, however, that the UTM source and UTM medium values ​​entered in the wizard will override the default values. Entering manually the utm_source and utm_medium variables to the links in the HTML creation will also overwrite the default values, i.e. those configured in the Mailing → UTM settings tab.

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